HVAC Duct Cleaning: Is It Really Worth the Pain of Doing It

Duct cleaning is a very tedious task for HVAC system. Firstly, there are very few certified duct installation professionals familiar with air conditioner and furnace Mississauga requirements. Duct cleaning has become very popular in the recent times owing to increased awareness about the impact of having it done at least once a year. However, the cost of duct cleaning and subsequent impact on the insurance cover puts away many furnace owners.

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This article is about clearing the doubts related to ductwork installation and cleaning services that the leading HVAC contractors in Toronto offer with furnace sale.

Here are 4 things that prove why HVAC duct installation and cleaning services are so important for furnace sale customers who have taken their units on rental basis.

1. Certified services with specialized maintenance

Professional duct cleaning services are done using specialized tools like vacuum blowers, brushes and electrical heat maps. The whole idea of having a certified professional do the duct cleaning for you ensures that no part of the HVAC system is left unattended. The professionals HVAC contractors in Toronto offer extensive services in cleaning not just furnaces and air conditioner ductwork but also air handlers, grilles, fans, blowers, motors and pumps, ignition systems and coils.

2. Without cleaning, air filters go for a toss

When you pull out the air filter, you will see a layer of dust and grease on the surface. If your vents are white in color, it is possible to make out how much dirt your HVAC system absorbs from the atmosphere. Without cleaning, an air conditioner can suck up to 12 pounds of dirt each year. Image the kind of mess your air conditioner system has to deal without getting the vents and ductwork cleaner.

Ductwork installation followed by 6 months cleaning schedule ensures that the air filter remains clean and healthy for indoor use.

3. Extend the life of the HVAC system

Without regular ductwork cleaning, the efficiency of the furnaces and the air conditioners drop significantly. For every one inch layer of dirt settled on the duct, the efficiency may drop by 4%. That is equivalent to the quarterly energy cost of a high-end furnace or air conditioner. Moreover, in order to maintain the ambient temperature, the air conditioner and furnace Mississauga have to work extra hard. This shortens the life of its moving parts. Quarterly ductwork cleaning ensures that the system life is extended by at least 24 months.

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4. Health factors

60% of the HVAC owners in Toronto are unsatisfied with the quality of the air delivered by air conditioners. It has more to do with the air conditioner installation than the chosen brand. Out of these 60 percent unsatisfied HVAC users, nearly 1/3rd have respiratory problem, eye allergies or skin rashes due to the quality of the air. Ductwork cleaning is the first thing most HVAC contractors in Toronto would recommend to the users if they start experiencing health issues.

A certified HVAC air conditioner installation professional ensures that the unit is hugely productive and healthy as far as their performance and commitments are concerned.


Smart Energy-Saving Tips: How to lower your electricity bills by using rental HVAC units

The biggest challenge every consumer faces with the air conditioner and furnace rental units is the inflated power bills. One of the best ways to make sure that your energy bills are low and steady is to hire the unit from a reputable HVAC contractor in Toronto. Once installed, there is not much scope to extract highest efficiency from a rented unit, unless some parts like air filters and vents are inspected for damage and repaired immediately.

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In order to save you the time, effort and cost in the long run, here are 5 smart tips to help you lower your energy bills while using rental HVAC units.

1. Proper ductwork installation

Ductwork installation is the most important step in AC and furnace installation. Test for any visible leaks or cracks in the pipe. If there is a foul smell in the air the moment you start the blower, there could be a leakage in the duct. The air filter could be damaged as well.

If there is a leakage, you can either tape it yourself, or call the HVAC contractor to inspect into the matter.

2. Always clean/replace air filters whenever bills go high

Blocked air filters put increased pressure on the working of the HVAC units. It is recommended that the air filters should be either cleaned or replaced before Air Conditioner installation. If you experience inefficient cooling and dusty air blow, blame it on the air filter.

3. Is the spot shaded?

Is your outdoor furnace air conditioner unit exposed to moisture or sun during its operation? If yes, put up a shade around it and muffle it with an insulation cover to prevent loss of energy from the system. Covering the unit easily saves 10-15% on energy bills.
Exposure to moist areas, especially if you live on the top floor, can cause poor performance of the Air Conditioner rental units.

4. Manage your thermostat settings

Most users get their thermostat settings wrong. It is due to the lack of awareness about the operation cycle. The recommended thermostat setting is to keep it 10-15 degrees lower than the outside temperature for 8 hours per day in the daytime. Depending on the size of the room and the number of occupants, you could consider the temperature control accordingly.

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Always consult with the HVAC contractor before manually operating the settings. If you are not familiar about the thermostat settings and wish to keep the energy bills in control, opt for a fully-automated thermostat controlled Air Conditioner on rental from HVAC contractors in Toronto.

5. Manage your other electrical appliances

Running tankless water heaters and air conditioner together at the same time can inflate your energy bills significantly. Opt for cooler light lamps and try replacing your old TV set with a flat, energy-efficient LED TV. Avoid incandescent lamps when the AC is running. However, you can consider using a ceiling/wall-mounted fan with AC to reduce energy bills.

5 Smart Ways to Derive Healthy Run from Your Furnace AC Taken On Rental Basis

It is always smart to deal with a HVAC Contractor in Toronto who knows the nicks and knacks of running furnace air conditioner efficiently, and with minimum maintenance hassles. The first thing while choosing a HVAC Contractor, of course starts with verifying the reputation and the client feedbacks in the last few months.

We will tell you 5 smart ways to derive healthy run from your furnace AC taken on rental basis.

1. Check the year of manufacture

The age of the HVAC unit is established by checking the label pinned on the condenser unit. To derive the best performance from the furnace air conditioner, insist on renting a unit that is not more than 5 years old.

Depending on the age of the condenser unit, you can evaluate the total cost of repair and compare that with the future repair costs.

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2. Repair or replace the condenser

Depending on the frequency of use, the condenser is one component that may not be able to take the blunt of the peak season. Most homeowners fail to ascertain the performance of the condensate pump and coils in the furnace AC units. Compressor failure and coil burning are common hassles suffered by HVAC units during the peak operations.

Compressor failures involve high-cost repairing. Most consumers prefer to replace the unit instead of buying a new one.

3. Fixed duration of operations

Heat pumps in most Canadian homes run for almost the whole day, while an AC unit on an average runs for 8 hours. Age, electrical failures, fluctuations and corrosion can take serious toll on the components of furnace AC.

For business owners, owning a furnace AC unit requires strategic management of the working hours of the HVAC systems. It is not only unproductive, but also detrimental to the quality of service, in addition to inflating energy bills.

4. Air filter replacement

No matter which part of the country you live in, and which brand your furnace belongs to, the air filter is something that will always leave you disappointed. HVAC Contractors Toronto recommend the replacement of air filters every 90 days.

Replacement of air filters within the stipulated time ensures that your furnace AC stays free from collecting debris and grease, and sometimes bugs too!

Most AC technicians would recommend changing your air filters to bring down your energy bills. And it always works.

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5. Don’t neglect the Humidifier

Dehydration is the major cause of worry for every furnace AC user. Those who stay indoors for long hours during the day are exposed to severe dehydration due to high levels of humidity in the atmosphere. Furnace AC humidifiers not only make the indoor air refreshingly comfortably and healthy, it also saves energy costs in the long run.

During the summer, the importance of humidifier increases significantly. The best part about this component is that it can be added and removed as per customization. However, to prolong the comfort levels and lower the maintenance cost, you must involve your HVAC rental agency in every way.

Top 5 Must-Do Things To Save You From Nightmares Related To HVAC Services

Gone are the days when you have to wait for a flash sale online or in your nearest showroom to bag a great deal on furnaces and air conditioners. With HVAC contractors offering furnace rental services, things have turned good for temporary residents in Toronto and Mississauga. However, there are certain points you must keep in mind before grabbing the best offers from furnace sales and rental outlets to save the time, effort and hassle that come with these HVAC set ups.

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Here are 5 must-do things to save you from nightmares related to HVAC services.

1. Verify certification
Licensed HVAC contractors in Toronto are certified to carry out air conditioner installations and replacements. They work with specialist installers and logistic agencies offering 24-7 service with reputed clientele under their belt. Best HVAC contractors are traceable everywhere—live showrooms, field executives and online website.
Certified HVAC contractor is what makes furnace rental services admirable.

2. Mode of payment
To save the ordeal of bad service in the future related to functioning and maintenance of water heaters, AC units and furnace, make sure you have a proper agreement and payment invoice in place. Avoid paying in cash, just to save the tax and grab additional discounts.
Transaction records help the customer big time when it comes to deal with notorious HVAC agencies not living up to their agreed commitments.

3. Do your research
Ask the friends and family members who have used furnace rental services in Toronto. There are hundreds of online complaint and review forums that extensively cover the issues related to sales and rental services in Toronto and neighbouring cities.
Carry out research on at least 5 HVAC contractors and compare their services before contacting them. Get each of them to do a home assessment, and get the best deal from them.

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4. Listen to their advices and replies
Ask definitive questions to the HVAC contractors in Toronto. For instance, “How long have your been supplying furnace rental units?” Or, “How long does it take for air conditioner installations and replacement once ordered?” You could also ask questions related to the kind of service offered in addition to maintenance, replacement, repair and loyalty programs.
Verify their replies from the market. At best, ask for advices on the kind of unit suitable for your daily use. Talk to them on size, features and services. This is where your research and their experience count.
Genuine answers win the most customers.

5. Pace of problem resolution
It is one thing to address and register and complaint and completely different when it comes to Resolving them. Best HVAC contractors in Toronto are bind to extend just-in time services even in the toughest of weather conditions, as that is when the furnaces and water heating systems face maximum breakdown. The rate of problem resolution and the time frame given are key parameters to select a genuine furnace rental contractor.

Avoid nightmares on cold winter nights by get assured rental services from the best HVAC contractors who are at your doorstep in less than 12 hours of registering your complaint.

Boiler Installation Tips to Get the Best from Your Rental HVAC Systems

After choosing your boiler units for heating purposes, the next important thing to opt for is a professional expertise in boiler installation. HVAC contractors Toronto offer extensive installation and restoration services for multiple models depending on their age, manufacturer and even the duct lines. In order to get the best out of your boilers and furnace rentals, follow these tips during installation.

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Calculate the correct load value

Rental furnace and boilers can deliver a variable output depending on your daily requirements. If you have more members in the family and share a rather larger space, your boiler installation must be done after elaborate load calculation and correction.

Best HVAC contractors in Toronto offer comprehensive software-enabled load calculation services for accurate delivery measurement, across different seasons, water input and temperature variance throughout day and night.

Always pick a simple platform

Based on the size of the boiler, the installation platform can be laid accordingly using the manual guidebook. A 2×8-inch stud lumber and 0.5 inch thick wooden platform with isolation strips are adequate materials to get the best performance out of the unit after boiler installation is complete.

Fan coil unit placement matters a lot

Choose secluded areas to place your fan unit coil. If it is a high-efficiency gas furnace or a boiler unit, the fan coil units can be smartly stacked in areas like attic, garage or small crawl space over the ceiling. As long as the ductwork remains protected from the moisture and dirt, your boiler installation will deliver the best performance for months to come.

Connect the drain tap for overhead systems

A secondary drain tap is recommended for overhead systems as the boiler installation experts avoid connecting the condensate lines to the closed drain systems. The drain line pitch is maintained at quarter of an inch per foot.

If it’s a rental unit, install a secondary drain pan

Consider installing a secondary drain pan and a float switch along with a return air filter box and duct as per the local codes. The HVAC contractors Toronto rental services provided ample space management tips on use of pre-configured suspension platform for overhead boilers and tankless water heater rental units.

Places to avoid

The return air opening requires to be cut so that the fan coil can pass through the opening for highest performance. The places to avoid for return air opening cuts are dining room, kitchen, bathroom and living room. In fact, you should only get boiler installation done where there is a provision to accommodate 180 degree bends.

During the boiler installation process, the expert professionals check for proper fit for the return air box so that it does not interfere with the placement of other materials in the layout.

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The bottom line

While installing the water and air distribution components from the tankless water boiler rental unit, the electrical connections too play an equally important role in ensuring best performance out of the thermostat regulation and automated ambient water temperature management.

Top 5 Professional Cost-effective Cleaning Tips for Air Ducts

Air conditioner rental is a fantastic option for small families who are new in Canada, and are yet to get friendly with the weather conditions. Most owners have an old HVC unit and boilers to provide heat to the space which are not only poor in performance but also highly non-reliable and inefficient, especially during the coldest months.

Getting an air conditioner rental with good ductwork installation services is a good idea. If you already have one, here are quick tips to ensure a superior performance with timely air ducts in home installations.

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1 Check for professional certification

The air duct cleaning and maintenance requires certified professional intervention considering the hazardous environment involved. Duct cleaning can cause numerous health problems if not done on time. However, in order to get it done on time by the right set of people, you must adhere to the safety regulations of Environment protection agencies in Toronto.

Certified professional air duct cleaning and maintenance resolves the hassle of adhering to the agency guidelines at no additional cost.

2 Phase out the old pipes and duct channels

Ducts in furnace rental and boiler installations are susceptible to rusting, corrosion, cracks under pressure and surface bending which could result in permanent failure or breakdown during peak operation. Inspect the exterior surface of the duct and get them replaced. Foul odour and moisture are quickest hints that suggest that the ductwork installation requires immediate attention and a probable replacement from the HVAC contractors Toronto.

3 Look out for regular contaminants

If you live in a polluted part of the city where the ducts and filters often get contaminated with particulate matters and dirt, the efficiency and quality of the furnace air conditioner rental unit also suffers. In order to derive the best performance out of the rented HVAC unit, clear the filters and ducts for a clean, free flowing burst of fresh air- hot and cold, as per your desire.

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4 Get a Zero Bacterial living

HVAC contractors Toronto offering extensive ductwork installation and maintenance services have to necessarily give the Zero Microbial growth certificate to the owner or the user. Insulted ducts are susceptible to bacterial growth with evident mould formation over a course of time.

The professional ductwork installation specialists extract the mould and get them lab-tested to assess the percentage of bacterial growth. After elaborate cleaning, the ductwork is completely sterilised from the bacteria and other microbes for a healthier output from the air conditioner rental.

Depending on the number of weeks of service, the professional ductwork installations also search for infestation by pests, rodents and insects for better performance.

5 Always use a sealant

After ductwork installation, cleaning, retrofitting or replacement of air conditioner rental in Toronto, you need to seal the openings and gaps. The sealant is a mix of chemical biocide and water-resistant compound that prevents the leakage of moisture and air from the ducts.

Getting a professional HVAC contractor for air duct cleaning is the best way to get a cost-effective air duct cleaning for air conditioner rental and other HVAC units.

Renters Ville: Top 6 Tips for Preparing Your House for the winter

Just like you save a lot on renting a house instead of buying a new home, a rental furnace is a smart pick within an affordable budget, minus the hassle. Rented furnace on sale in Toronto offer extensive services when it comes to installation, maintenance, repair and replacement. Save more energy and money on a rented furnace, boiler and air conditioner installation and operation with these tips.

1 Use your furnace intermittently during day time
It can get very costly if you are running your rented furnace for more than three hours on the trot. To ensure that you get maximum heating and cooling efficiency from your HVAC unit, try using a thermostat with auto-temperature setting for cut-off power.

HVAC contractors Toronto offer rented furnaces and boilers fixed with electronic thermostat settings.

hvac contractors toronto

2 Get a unit with remote operation
We all know the benefit of using a remote for operating distant gadget. Use a remote operated HVAC furnace to get more savings, especially during day time. With a press of a button, you can save 30 percent during winters.

3 For tenants, get a transferrable deal
Enjoy the comfort of your own house despite being a tenant with a transferrable rental furnace deal. Even if you are leaving the place, the boiler installation can be transferred for use to the next tenant. It will automatically adjust as per your mutual admission.

4 Invest in air registers
Clean air registers play a crucial role in circulating the air freely. Avoid heavy furniture as they tend to trap carbon dioxide for longer time. For better heating and cooling from your HVAC units, ensure that your house can be turned into a natural greenhouse during the winter. And just the opposite during the summers!

5 Get a deal that offers regular duct cleaning
Ductwork installation services offered by the HVAC contractors in Toronto are unsurpassable.  Acquire a bootie package that also includes duct cleaning. Duct cleaning is difficult to handle since the dirt collected inside them can’t be seen. Regular duct cleaning from Furnace Mississauga service agencies help in improving quality of air and ensure that the HVAC conditioner is running at a maximum efficiency.

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6 Get a tank less water heater on rental
You need hot water every day for bathing during winters. Along with heating and cooling for your house, get a rented furnace with tank less water heater from HVAC contractors in Toronto. A combination package will save you more than 45 percent.

Advantages of getting tank less water heater on rental:

  • It takes smaller space and is wall-mounted. It means you can enjoy hot water at maximum energy efficiency without changing your existing boiler installation layout.
  • Avail continuous supply of hot water anytime of the day.
  • A licensed technician does the installation for you, with dirt-free operation
  • A tankless water heater rental in Canada ensures that you need not worry about replacing it at the end of deal. Installation and removal is done with just equal ease.