Making the best buy from Furnace Sale: 7 Easy Tips for Great Deals

It is that time of the year when the winter sets in and the furnace sales make a significant showdown in the market across Canada. Nearly 70 percent of the Canadians are on a lookout for a replacement for their old furnaces during colder months. However, lack of good quality units and proper advice puts their plan of owning a new furnace off the charts. Getting a new, yet affordable HVAC from a furnace sale is just few steps away.

Read on, to know more on how to land a great furnace sale in Toronto and Ontario.

1. Buying a new one versus sale

Comparing the HVAC furnace unit available on sale with a new brand one, the only visible difference users find is the extra cost you have to pay for the top-end features. If you are looking for a furnace on sale that is only two years old, your choice becomes easy.

Make sure that your thermostat capabilities, radiator vents and ignition switch are working perfectly fine. Drop the idea of a furnace in case you see any trace of rust or moisture, however small.

furnace for sale

2. Stay updated on your local sales

Stay glued to the local newspapers and community updates to know about the next furnace sale in the town. Reputed HVAC contractors in Toronto build a strong campaign leading into the winter where they sell off the best furnaces and water heaters at amazing deals.

3. Go Online for search

Thanks to the online options, you can even check the next furnace sale and the venue from best HVAC contractors Toronto and book a demonstration right away. Pick from a wide range of furnaces on sale revealing the best features and installation options with both sell and rental packages.

4. Dig the history of the HVAC unit

It is very easy to find out the age and the user history of your prospective furnace on sale. Locate the rating plate on the furnace for sale and you can derive the manufacturing date, user’s name and the serial number of the parts used in the unit. If the furnace tank does not carry any plate, insist on getting a verified invoice record.

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5. Opt for complete package

When it is winter, it rains HVAC sales. If you have a requirement for water heating in addition to furnaces, talk to the HVAC contractors in Toronto to grab comprehensive offers on tankless water heaters, in addition to the high-efficiency gas furnace.

Depending on your negotiations skills, you can easily land a satisfactory deal on—

  • Price of the furnace on sale
  • Discounted installation price with zero labor cost/ transportation
  • Full warranty on the unit from manufacturing
  • Extended warranty/ replacement offer from the HVAC contractor at nominal extra price
  • 24/7 maintenance services
  • Additional top-up services on upgrades and replacement in the future.

Some HVAC contractors offering furnace Mississauga on sale also provide insurance covers on the high-efficiency gas furnaces.


Boiler Installation Tips to Get the Best from Your Rental HVAC Systems

After choosing your boiler units for heating purposes, the next important thing to opt for is a professional expertise in boiler installation. HVAC contractors Toronto offer extensive installation and restoration services for multiple models depending on their age, manufacturer and even the duct lines. In order to get the best out of your boilers and furnace rentals, follow these tips during installation.

furnace rental

Calculate the correct load value

Rental furnace and boilers can deliver a variable output depending on your daily requirements. If you have more members in the family and share a rather larger space, your boiler installation must be done after elaborate load calculation and correction.

Best HVAC contractors in Toronto offer comprehensive software-enabled load calculation services for accurate delivery measurement, across different seasons, water input and temperature variance throughout day and night.

Always pick a simple platform

Based on the size of the boiler, the installation platform can be laid accordingly using the manual guidebook. A 2×8-inch stud lumber and 0.5 inch thick wooden platform with isolation strips are adequate materials to get the best performance out of the unit after boiler installation is complete.

Fan coil unit placement matters a lot

Choose secluded areas to place your fan unit coil. If it is a high-efficiency gas furnace or a boiler unit, the fan coil units can be smartly stacked in areas like attic, garage or small crawl space over the ceiling. As long as the ductwork remains protected from the moisture and dirt, your boiler installation will deliver the best performance for months to come.

Connect the drain tap for overhead systems

A secondary drain tap is recommended for overhead systems as the boiler installation experts avoid connecting the condensate lines to the closed drain systems. The drain line pitch is maintained at quarter of an inch per foot.

If it’s a rental unit, install a secondary drain pan

Consider installing a secondary drain pan and a float switch along with a return air filter box and duct as per the local codes. The HVAC contractors Toronto rental services provided ample space management tips on use of pre-configured suspension platform for overhead boilers and tankless water heater rental units.

Places to avoid

The return air opening requires to be cut so that the fan coil can pass through the opening for highest performance. The places to avoid for return air opening cuts are dining room, kitchen, bathroom and living room. In fact, you should only get boiler installation done where there is a provision to accommodate 180 degree bends.

During the boiler installation process, the expert professionals check for proper fit for the return air box so that it does not interfere with the placement of other materials in the layout.

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The bottom line

While installing the water and air distribution components from the tankless water boiler rental unit, the electrical connections too play an equally important role in ensuring best performance out of the thermostat regulation and automated ambient water temperature management.

Top 5 Professional Cost-effective Cleaning Tips for Air Ducts

Air conditioner rental is a fantastic option for small families who are new in Canada, and are yet to get friendly with the weather conditions. Most owners have an old HVC unit and boilers to provide heat to the space which are not only poor in performance but also highly non-reliable and inefficient, especially during the coldest months.

Getting an air conditioner rental with good ductwork installation services is a good idea. If you already have one, here are quick tips to ensure a superior performance with timely air ducts in home installations.

boiler installation toronto

1 Check for professional certification

The air duct cleaning and maintenance requires certified professional intervention considering the hazardous environment involved. Duct cleaning can cause numerous health problems if not done on time. However, in order to get it done on time by the right set of people, you must adhere to the safety regulations of Environment protection agencies in Toronto.

Certified professional air duct cleaning and maintenance resolves the hassle of adhering to the agency guidelines at no additional cost.

2 Phase out the old pipes and duct channels

Ducts in furnace rental and boiler installations are susceptible to rusting, corrosion, cracks under pressure and surface bending which could result in permanent failure or breakdown during peak operation. Inspect the exterior surface of the duct and get them replaced. Foul odour and moisture are quickest hints that suggest that the ductwork installation requires immediate attention and a probable replacement from the HVAC contractors Toronto.

3 Look out for regular contaminants

If you live in a polluted part of the city where the ducts and filters often get contaminated with particulate matters and dirt, the efficiency and quality of the furnace air conditioner rental unit also suffers. In order to derive the best performance out of the rented HVAC unit, clear the filters and ducts for a clean, free flowing burst of fresh air- hot and cold, as per your desire.

boiler installation

4 Get a Zero Bacterial living

HVAC contractors Toronto offering extensive ductwork installation and maintenance services have to necessarily give the Zero Microbial growth certificate to the owner or the user. Insulted ducts are susceptible to bacterial growth with evident mould formation over a course of time.

The professional ductwork installation specialists extract the mould and get them lab-tested to assess the percentage of bacterial growth. After elaborate cleaning, the ductwork is completely sterilised from the bacteria and other microbes for a healthier output from the air conditioner rental.

Depending on the number of weeks of service, the professional ductwork installations also search for infestation by pests, rodents and insects for better performance.

5 Always use a sealant

After ductwork installation, cleaning, retrofitting or replacement of air conditioner rental in Toronto, you need to seal the openings and gaps. The sealant is a mix of chemical biocide and water-resistant compound that prevents the leakage of moisture and air from the ducts.

Getting a professional HVAC contractor for air duct cleaning is the best way to get a cost-effective air duct cleaning for air conditioner rental and other HVAC units.

Top 5 Benefits of Buying a High Efficiency Furnace from Sale or Rental

Are you planning to buy a new air furnace for your home? Have you done enough research on what it would be like when you run a medium rating gas furnace for three months on the trot during winter? Most Canadians now prefer to take recommendations from HVAC contractors in Toronto on whether a new boiler will be good, or a unit on rental. Of course, there are many benefits I see when it comes to take a high efficiency gas furnace on rental in Toronto.

furnaces for sale

Here are some of them.

1 Quick replacements for New furnace

If you have been using a gas furnace for some time and find them rather too costly to operate, it is time to switch to more efficient units. Rented furnace Mississauga comes across as an ideal replacement option to regular furnaces as they can be easily installed and maintained even with existing pipe and ductwork replacement.

In case your regular furnace has stopped functioning completely, it is definitely a smart move to look for a rental boiler installation for greater saving in cost in the long run.

2 Less pollution and quiet operation for Big houses

High efficiency gas furnace Mississauga is known for its highly efficient fuel consumption and soundless operation. Unlike older furnaces and boilers, these units pollute less and have a very quiet working mechanism. When it comes to heating, a single boiler installation with correct ductwork and plumbing is enough for my 2400 square feet duplex house.

3 Smaller Electricity Bills, Broader smile

Canada is one of the few developed nations that is witnessing an inflation in energy bills and irregular power cut offs. If you wish to contribute to a better surrounding, a high efficiency gas furnace is a very smart choice. In a typical Canadian house, HVAC units and boilers take up to 60 percent of the electricity. If your HVAC units can deliver a greater efficiency, you can save at least 30 percent on your monthly electricity bills without doing much.

furnace for sale

Furnace rental services in Toronto have tested equipments to ensure that your bills stay small, and you have a big smile while using them.

4 Furnace for sale is for everyone

There was a time when Canada was one of the largest consumers of HVAC units and boilers for homes. Today, the rental furnaces and boiler installation services have replaced the new equipment’s market. Whether you are the owner of the house or just a tenant, opting for a furnace from sale is profitable for every season.

5 Boilers and Furnaces from the present decade

HVAC contractors Toronto ensures that the furnaces for sale are from the present decade. Old equipments are not only obsolete in terms of installation and maintenance services, but they also rank low in energy saving list. Any furnace that manages to rake up an efficiency of 78 percent is considered satisfactory for use in domestic segment. For industries, high efficiency gas furnace comes with a whopping 98 percent Energy Saving rating.

Renters Ville: Top 6 Tips for Preparing Your House for the winter

Just like you save a lot on renting a house instead of buying a new home, a rental furnace is a smart pick within an affordable budget, minus the hassle. Rented furnace on sale in Toronto offer extensive services when it comes to installation, maintenance, repair and replacement. Save more energy and money on a rented furnace, boiler and air conditioner installation and operation with these tips.

1 Use your furnace intermittently during day time
It can get very costly if you are running your rented furnace for more than three hours on the trot. To ensure that you get maximum heating and cooling efficiency from your HVAC unit, try using a thermostat with auto-temperature setting for cut-off power.

HVAC contractors Toronto offer rented furnaces and boilers fixed with electronic thermostat settings.

hvac contractors toronto

2 Get a unit with remote operation
We all know the benefit of using a remote for operating distant gadget. Use a remote operated HVAC furnace to get more savings, especially during day time. With a press of a button, you can save 30 percent during winters.

3 For tenants, get a transferrable deal
Enjoy the comfort of your own house despite being a tenant with a transferrable rental furnace deal. Even if you are leaving the place, the boiler installation can be transferred for use to the next tenant. It will automatically adjust as per your mutual admission.

4 Invest in air registers
Clean air registers play a crucial role in circulating the air freely. Avoid heavy furniture as they tend to trap carbon dioxide for longer time. For better heating and cooling from your HVAC units, ensure that your house can be turned into a natural greenhouse during the winter. And just the opposite during the summers!

5 Get a deal that offers regular duct cleaning
Ductwork installation services offered by the HVAC contractors in Toronto are unsurpassable.  Acquire a bootie package that also includes duct cleaning. Duct cleaning is difficult to handle since the dirt collected inside them can’t be seen. Regular duct cleaning from Furnace Mississauga service agencies help in improving quality of air and ensure that the HVAC conditioner is running at a maximum efficiency.

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6 Get a tank less water heater on rental
You need hot water every day for bathing during winters. Along with heating and cooling for your house, get a rented furnace with tank less water heater from HVAC contractors in Toronto. A combination package will save you more than 45 percent.

Advantages of getting tank less water heater on rental:

  • It takes smaller space and is wall-mounted. It means you can enjoy hot water at maximum energy efficiency without changing your existing boiler installation layout.
  • Avail continuous supply of hot water anytime of the day.
  • A licensed technician does the installation for you, with dirt-free operation
  • A tankless water heater rental in Canada ensures that you need not worry about replacing it at the end of deal. Installation and removal is done with just equal ease.

How I got my Best Rental Furnace Deal in Toronto?

The best part of living in Canada is that you can enjoy amazing weather conditions both outside and inside your house. Whether you are a tenant or a house owner, a HVAC unit is a must in your abode. No matter what your budget is, HVAC contractors Toronto have a remarkably versatile range of heating and cooling equipments for everyone.

Available on rental as well as on sale, you can invest in centralized Air conditioner, humidifiers, Heat Recovery Ventilators, water heating systems and air filtration systems. Taking a furnace rental in Toronto with boiler installation proves to be a cheaper package.

hvac contractors toronto

Here is how I got my best rental furnace deal in Toronto.

I replaced my old furnace with a rented one:

After 10 years of service, my furnace broke down. I had two options. Either to get it repaired, or replace it with a new one. I chose to explore my third option in Toronto. Rental furnace in Toronto is a reliable alternative if you already have an existing air conditioner installation layout in your house.

Considering the cost of repair would have been too high, I drove straight to a reputed HVAC contractor in Toronto. The first trip helped me understand how rental furnaces, air conditioners and boilers are just as effective in their performance as a new one. Since I use the heating unit only for colder nights, I found rental services way too cheap for my house.

In addition to the furnace, I also got a combination package on a tankless water heater rental, thus saving more than 30 percent for the coming month.

I trust their sales and after-sales services now

One of the biggest challenges for me was ‘Trust’. I have never taken anything on rent. For a family of five, taking furnace on rent in Toronto right before the winter month starts was a big gamble. Thankfully, the HVAC contractors sent a licensed technician to check arrangements for air conditioner and boiler installation at my house.

The assessment report had following metrics:

  • Size of the room
  • Elevation of the wall from ground
  • Number of rooms in the building to be linked to HVAC units
  • Number of windows, doors and other opening
  • Availability of a furnace or fire place
  • Age of the building
  • Number of members in the family

It took exactly 2 hours for the technician to make a proper assessment.

hvac toronto

I was recommended a 19.2 KW/ 80 amps unit with a storage capacity of 440 BTU.

I pay through a flexible Monthly Rental scheme
I chose not to pay upfront because I was not sure if the rental furnace service will stick to its words. After the first happy month with furnace, I chose to switch to a flexible monthly scheme where I was given full coverage up to a period of 24 months.

I now find furnace Mississauga a more convenient option owing to the availability of the high-efficiency gas furnace in the deal.

Why HVAC Rental in Toronto is a Better Alternative

We love to own things isn’t it! But for some good reasons, taking things on rent can prove economical as well, especially when it is something that concerns your comfort level. Gone are the days when a heating and cooling unit in a house exemplified the status. With furnace rental service in Toronto picking good mileage with their impeccable service, it is indeed a worthy alternative to try them at least for once.

Here are 7 ways on how HVAC contractors Toronto are making furnace rentals a really cool experience for their customers.

1. Zero Up Front Costs on maintenance

If you are already using a furnace that is not more than 10 years old, you can avail a great replacement offer. Get your furnace replaced with free boiler installation Toronto on buying a furnace in sale. For rental furnace service, you need not pay extra on parts and labour cost incurred during the term.

2. Rental up to 2 years

Get a furnace rental service for up to 24 months at absolutely no additional cost of maintenance. In order to keep your furnace and air conditioner efficient and safe, certified installation professionals will visit every month and inspect ducts, pipes and compressor units.

3. Free assessment before boiler installation

A minute visit from experience Boiler installation professionals is all that it takes to guide you on which furnace rental model you should invest in. There are many factors that assessment will cover like size and elevation of the room, number of doors and windows, and number of members intending to use the heating unit.

4. New High Efficiency gas furnace installation in less than 12 hours

HVAC contractors offer quickest furnace rental services in Toronto, ensuring that the boiler installation takes less than 12 hours. Enjoy the comfort of an optimally maintained house with zero hazard protocol offered by furnace rental service providers in Canada.

5. Guaranteed replacement in case of breakdown

There are minimum chances of breakdown during rental period. Despite this, all furnace installations are covered under free replacement warranty.

6. Energy Management Consulting

Are you witnessing a sudden surge in your energy bills? There could be a probable fault in your pipe line or condensing unit. Get ductwork installation done as per the remarks made by Energy Management Consultants. You can avail the benefits from furnace rental house during boiler and air conditioner installation available 24 x 7!

7. Dirt removal and cleaning services

Furnaces and boilers running in enclosures tend to get dirty and often start emanating foul smell. Enjoy the freshness of nature with a clean air system with Furnace Mississauga’s top grade dirt removal and cleaning service. Every part in rented furnace unit in Toronto is cleaned as after-sales service at nominal charges.

With such a long list of booties that you can avail through air conditioner installation agency, it is only smart to invest in rental services.

Get 24 x 7 x 365 online assistance from call agents for your furnace queries.