HVAC Duct Cleaning: Is It Really Worth the Pain of Doing It

Duct cleaning is a very tedious task for HVAC system. Firstly, there are very few certified duct installation professionals familiar with air conditioner and furnace Mississauga requirements. Duct cleaning has become very popular in the recent times owing to increased awareness about the impact of having it done at least once a year. However, the cost of duct cleaning and subsequent impact on the insurance cover puts away many furnace owners.

hvac duct cleaning services

This article is about clearing the doubts related to ductwork installation and cleaning services that the leading HVAC contractors in Toronto offer with furnace sale.

Here are 4 things that prove why HVAC duct installation and cleaning services are so important for furnace sale customers who have taken their units on rental basis.

1. Certified services with specialized maintenance

Professional duct cleaning services are done using specialized tools like vacuum blowers, brushes and electrical heat maps. The whole idea of having a certified professional do the duct cleaning for you ensures that no part of the HVAC system is left unattended. The professionals HVAC contractors in Toronto offer extensive services in cleaning not just furnaces and air conditioner ductwork but also air handlers, grilles, fans, blowers, motors and pumps, ignition systems and coils.

2. Without cleaning, air filters go for a toss

When you pull out the air filter, you will see a layer of dust and grease on the surface. If your vents are white in color, it is possible to make out how much dirt your HVAC system absorbs from the atmosphere. Without cleaning, an air conditioner can suck up to 12 pounds of dirt each year. Image the kind of mess your air conditioner system has to deal without getting the vents and ductwork cleaner.

Ductwork installation followed by 6 months cleaning schedule ensures that the air filter remains clean and healthy for indoor use.

3. Extend the life of the HVAC system

Without regular ductwork cleaning, the efficiency of the furnaces and the air conditioners drop significantly. For every one inch layer of dirt settled on the duct, the efficiency may drop by 4%. That is equivalent to the quarterly energy cost of a high-end furnace or air conditioner. Moreover, in order to maintain the ambient temperature, the air conditioner and furnace Mississauga have to work extra hard. This shortens the life of its moving parts. Quarterly ductwork cleaning ensures that the system life is extended by at least 24 months.

HVAC Duct Cleaning Mississauga

4. Health factors

60% of the HVAC owners in Toronto are unsatisfied with the quality of the air delivered by air conditioners. It has more to do with the air conditioner installation than the chosen brand. Out of these 60 percent unsatisfied HVAC users, nearly 1/3rd have respiratory problem, eye allergies or skin rashes due to the quality of the air. Ductwork cleaning is the first thing most HVAC contractors in Toronto would recommend to the users if they start experiencing health issues.

A certified HVAC air conditioner installation professional ensures that the unit is hugely productive and healthy as far as their performance and commitments are concerned.


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