5 Things To Do To Check In A Furnace Rental Unit

If you think that buying a furnace is tough then you must wait for the cleaning and maintenance part of it. Owning a furnace comes with its own set of hassles and operational faults. Poor heating, inadequate blow, too much noise, abrupt shutdown and vibrations can pose a lot of difficulty in the operation of the furnaces.

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To make things easy, here are 5 steps to acquire optimum performance from the furnace rental units before and during operations.

1. Test fire the igniter:

Igniter in a gas furnace is the most important component. If the furnace does not start despite hitting the ignition button or takes too much time to fire up, the problem lies with the igniter. The furnace sale igniters are often corroded or too tight to strike the contact surface.

Before buying a furnace or finding the issue elsewhere, test fire the igniter first. You can measure the resistance of the igniter surface. Depending on the type of furnace Mississauga igniter switch, the resistance parameters may vary. It could be anywhere between 11 Ohms and 100 Ohms.

Test firing should be done when the igniter is clean, dry and properly set-up.

2. All OK with the flame sensors?

These days, most furnace rental service providers offer units with flame sensors. The flame sensor is a thin metallic rod or wire that is located in front of the gas flame assembly inside the furnace. It is a flame detection unit that prevents the buildup of unburned gas inside the furnace. If there is no flame in the furnace, the flame sensor shuts off the fuel supply automatically.

Flame sensors are susceptible to carbon deposition and moisture attack. If the flame does not arrive, the flame sensor is probably broken. It requires immediate replacement.

3. Cracked heat exchanger or holes

Trust your eyes to get this part done. Though it requires fair knowledge of the heat exchanger, it is easy to manage. Visible heat exchanger kits and dry penetration inspection systems are available in the market for furnace rental owners at affordable prices. However, it is best to avail the services of a HVAC contractor in Toronto to avoid any physical damage to the furnace rental unit.

4. Recheck the installation module

If the furnace rental unit is installed with a flaw, it will cause vibration and lot of noise. The noise levels should not exceed 35 decibels measured from a distance of 1.5 meters from the furnace installation module.

If the installation is faulty, the cracks in the lines and the heat exchanger can cause smoke inside the room. The exhaust gases will be sucked back into the combustion chamber leading to total failure of the furnace rental.

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Faulty installation requires professional intervention. HVAC contractors offer extensive installation and replacement services related to furnace units.

5. Gas leaks

Perform a simple soap bubble test to detect gas leaks. There are electronic gas leak detectors but they are not 100% accurate. Get the gas leak tested by certified gas furnace agency before opting to restart the unit again.


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