5 Smart Ways to Derive Healthy Run from Your Furnace AC Taken On Rental Basis

It is always smart to deal with a HVAC Contractor in Toronto who knows the nicks and knacks of running furnace air conditioner efficiently, and with minimum maintenance hassles. The first thing while choosing a HVAC Contractor, of course starts with verifying the reputation and the client feedbacks in the last few months.

We will tell you 5 smart ways to derive healthy run from your furnace AC taken on rental basis.

1. Check the year of manufacture

The age of the HVAC unit is established by checking the label pinned on the condenser unit. To derive the best performance from the furnace air conditioner, insist on renting a unit that is not more than 5 years old.

Depending on the age of the condenser unit, you can evaluate the total cost of repair and compare that with the future repair costs.

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2. Repair or replace the condenser

Depending on the frequency of use, the condenser is one component that may not be able to take the blunt of the peak season. Most homeowners fail to ascertain the performance of the condensate pump and coils in the furnace AC units. Compressor failure and coil burning are common hassles suffered by HVAC units during the peak operations.

Compressor failures involve high-cost repairing. Most consumers prefer to replace the unit instead of buying a new one.

3. Fixed duration of operations

Heat pumps in most Canadian homes run for almost the whole day, while an AC unit on an average runs for 8 hours. Age, electrical failures, fluctuations and corrosion can take serious toll on the components of furnace AC.

For business owners, owning a furnace AC unit requires strategic management of the working hours of the HVAC systems. It is not only unproductive, but also detrimental to the quality of service, in addition to inflating energy bills.

4. Air filter replacement

No matter which part of the country you live in, and which brand your furnace belongs to, the air filter is something that will always leave you disappointed. HVAC Contractors Toronto recommend the replacement of air filters every 90 days.

Replacement of air filters within the stipulated time ensures that your furnace AC stays free from collecting debris and grease, and sometimes bugs too!

Most AC technicians would recommend changing your air filters to bring down your energy bills. And it always works.

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5. Don’t neglect the Humidifier

Dehydration is the major cause of worry for every furnace AC user. Those who stay indoors for long hours during the day are exposed to severe dehydration due to high levels of humidity in the atmosphere. Furnace AC humidifiers not only make the indoor air refreshingly comfortably and healthy, it also saves energy costs in the long run.

During the summer, the importance of humidifier increases significantly. The best part about this component is that it can be added and removed as per customization. However, to prolong the comfort levels and lower the maintenance cost, you must involve your HVAC rental agency in every way.


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