Renting Water Heaters: 5 Ways You Can Live Through the Winter Luxuriously

Water heaters in Toronto were never a luxury item. They are the biggest utility items in HVAC set up with average house spending more than $5000 to keep a constant flow of warm water during the cold season. However, with the influx of expatriates and non-Canadian population, the onus has shifted from utility-based HVAC unit to a more comfort-driven yet affordable living standard using water heating systems.

tankless water heaters rental

Here are 5 unbeatable tips to help you sail through the winter seasons. All you have to vouch for is a reliable HVAC contractor in Toronto.

1. First time users, Try Rental Heaters

Water heating solutions in Toronto could easily cost you more if you are first time user. From installation to maintenance, the upkeep of the water heaters grow steadily. Rental water heaters are available for short-term use and can be easily replaced and re-installed as per the needs.

At less than 10 percent of the cost of the new water heaters, you can enjoy the comfort of warmness.

2. Get Zero cost package on installation

Whether you are owning up for a traditional large-sized water heater or a small tankless water heater, it requires elaborate installation and ductwork operation for efficient performance. Ensure that you are getting a zero cost package from the dealer. Unlike the new water heaters, exploring the rental services prove to be cost-effective in this aspect.

3. Avail a full replacement warranty

If you have a new water heater, this is automatically covered in the sale agreement. However, if you have rental package, you can avail the benefits of Just-in time maintenance and full replacement on broken down tank less water heaters. A full replacement warranty is a great way to cover up for the expenses in case you have a big house with a large family using the services.

4. Deal only with licensed retailers

Not all resale and rental agencies in Toronto certified to deal in old HVAC units. Save yourself the stress and anxiety over a rental water heater that may not last more than a week. Irrespective of the rental agreement, the customers may be left with a poor experience. Best HVAC contractors in Toronto have certified professionals to take care of the logistics, installation, after sales and maintenance services.

tankless water heaters

It is always best to pay up a little extra for the rental tankless water heaters in Toronto than saving it up by dealing with a fraudster agent, and paying big time later on. Get an ego—push by dealing only with best in the market if rental furnaces and water heating solutions in Toronto and Mississauga.

5. Discounts on your water heater insurance

Oh yes! That is a huge relief for users relying on water heaters for main supply to their bathroom, kitchen and also laundry during cold months. On an average, a Canadian household uses anywhere between 500 liters to 1000 liters of water for daily consumption. 50 percent of that volume could be supplied as hot water.

An insurance saves time, money and effort in running after the HVAC rental agency to fix up the issue in time.


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