Making the best buy from Furnace Sale: 7 Easy Tips for Great Deals

It is that time of the year when the winter sets in and the furnace sales make a significant showdown in the market across Canada. Nearly 70 percent of the Canadians are on a lookout for a replacement for their old furnaces during colder months. However, lack of good quality units and proper advice puts their plan of owning a new furnace off the charts. Getting a new, yet affordable HVAC from a furnace sale is just few steps away.

Read on, to know more on how to land a great furnace sale in Toronto and Ontario.

1. Buying a new one versus sale

Comparing the HVAC furnace unit available on sale with a new brand one, the only visible difference users find is the extra cost you have to pay for the top-end features. If you are looking for a furnace on sale that is only two years old, your choice becomes easy.

Make sure that your thermostat capabilities, radiator vents and ignition switch are working perfectly fine. Drop the idea of a furnace in case you see any trace of rust or moisture, however small.

furnace for sale

2. Stay updated on your local sales

Stay glued to the local newspapers and community updates to know about the next furnace sale in the town. Reputed HVAC contractors in Toronto build a strong campaign leading into the winter where they sell off the best furnaces and water heaters at amazing deals.

3. Go Online for search

Thanks to the online options, you can even check the next furnace sale and the venue from best HVAC contractors Toronto and book a demonstration right away. Pick from a wide range of furnaces on sale revealing the best features and installation options with both sell and rental packages.

4. Dig the history of the HVAC unit

It is very easy to find out the age and the user history of your prospective furnace on sale. Locate the rating plate on the furnace for sale and you can derive the manufacturing date, user’s name and the serial number of the parts used in the unit. If the furnace tank does not carry any plate, insist on getting a verified invoice record.

furnaces for sale

5. Opt for complete package

When it is winter, it rains HVAC sales. If you have a requirement for water heating in addition to furnaces, talk to the HVAC contractors in Toronto to grab comprehensive offers on tankless water heaters, in addition to the high-efficiency gas furnace.

Depending on your negotiations skills, you can easily land a satisfactory deal on—

  • Price of the furnace on sale
  • Discounted installation price with zero labor cost/ transportation
  • Full warranty on the unit from manufacturing
  • Extended warranty/ replacement offer from the HVAC contractor at nominal extra price
  • 24/7 maintenance services
  • Additional top-up services on upgrades and replacement in the future.

Some HVAC contractors offering furnace Mississauga on sale also provide insurance covers on the high-efficiency gas furnaces.


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