Top 5 Professional Cost-effective Cleaning Tips for Air Ducts

Air conditioner rental is a fantastic option for small families who are new in Canada, and are yet to get friendly with the weather conditions. Most owners have an old HVC unit and boilers to provide heat to the space which are not only poor in performance but also highly non-reliable and inefficient, especially during the coldest months.

Getting an air conditioner rental with good ductwork installation services is a good idea. If you already have one, here are quick tips to ensure a superior performance with timely air ducts in home installations.

boiler installation toronto

1 Check for professional certification

The air duct cleaning and maintenance requires certified professional intervention considering the hazardous environment involved. Duct cleaning can cause numerous health problems if not done on time. However, in order to get it done on time by the right set of people, you must adhere to the safety regulations of Environment protection agencies in Toronto.

Certified professional air duct cleaning and maintenance resolves the hassle of adhering to the agency guidelines at no additional cost.

2 Phase out the old pipes and duct channels

Ducts in furnace rental and boiler installations are susceptible to rusting, corrosion, cracks under pressure and surface bending which could result in permanent failure or breakdown during peak operation. Inspect the exterior surface of the duct and get them replaced. Foul odour and moisture are quickest hints that suggest that the ductwork installation requires immediate attention and a probable replacement from the HVAC contractors Toronto.

3 Look out for regular contaminants

If you live in a polluted part of the city where the ducts and filters often get contaminated with particulate matters and dirt, the efficiency and quality of the furnace air conditioner rental unit also suffers. In order to derive the best performance out of the rented HVAC unit, clear the filters and ducts for a clean, free flowing burst of fresh air- hot and cold, as per your desire.

boiler installation

4 Get a Zero Bacterial living

HVAC contractors Toronto offering extensive ductwork installation and maintenance services have to necessarily give the Zero Microbial growth certificate to the owner or the user. Insulted ducts are susceptible to bacterial growth with evident mould formation over a course of time.

The professional ductwork installation specialists extract the mould and get them lab-tested to assess the percentage of bacterial growth. After elaborate cleaning, the ductwork is completely sterilised from the bacteria and other microbes for a healthier output from the air conditioner rental.

Depending on the number of weeks of service, the professional ductwork installations also search for infestation by pests, rodents and insects for better performance.

5 Always use a sealant

After ductwork installation, cleaning, retrofitting or replacement of air conditioner rental in Toronto, you need to seal the openings and gaps. The sealant is a mix of chemical biocide and water-resistant compound that prevents the leakage of moisture and air from the ducts.

Getting a professional HVAC contractor for air duct cleaning is the best way to get a cost-effective air duct cleaning for air conditioner rental and other HVAC units.


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