How I got my Best Rental Furnace Deal in Toronto?

The best part of living in Canada is that you can enjoy amazing weather conditions both outside and inside your house. Whether you are a tenant or a house owner, a HVAC unit is a must in your abode. No matter what your budget is, HVAC contractors Toronto have a remarkably versatile range of heating and cooling equipments for everyone.

Available on rental as well as on sale, you can invest in centralized Air conditioner, humidifiers, Heat Recovery Ventilators, water heating systems and air filtration systems. Taking a furnace rental in Toronto with boiler installation proves to be a cheaper package.

hvac contractors toronto

Here is how I got my best rental furnace deal in Toronto.

I replaced my old furnace with a rented one:

After 10 years of service, my furnace broke down. I had two options. Either to get it repaired, or replace it with a new one. I chose to explore my third option in Toronto. Rental furnace in Toronto is a reliable alternative if you already have an existing air conditioner installation layout in your house.

Considering the cost of repair would have been too high, I drove straight to a reputed HVAC contractor in Toronto. The first trip helped me understand how rental furnaces, air conditioners and boilers are just as effective in their performance as a new one. Since I use the heating unit only for colder nights, I found rental services way too cheap for my house.

In addition to the furnace, I also got a combination package on a tankless water heater rental, thus saving more than 30 percent for the coming month.

I trust their sales and after-sales services now

One of the biggest challenges for me was ‘Trust’. I have never taken anything on rent. For a family of five, taking furnace on rent in Toronto right before the winter month starts was a big gamble. Thankfully, the HVAC contractors sent a licensed technician to check arrangements for air conditioner and boiler installation at my house.

The assessment report had following metrics:

  • Size of the room
  • Elevation of the wall from ground
  • Number of rooms in the building to be linked to HVAC units
  • Number of windows, doors and other opening
  • Availability of a furnace or fire place
  • Age of the building
  • Number of members in the family

It took exactly 2 hours for the technician to make a proper assessment.

hvac toronto

I was recommended a 19.2 KW/ 80 amps unit with a storage capacity of 440 BTU.

I pay through a flexible Monthly Rental scheme
I chose not to pay upfront because I was not sure if the rental furnace service will stick to its words. After the first happy month with furnace, I chose to switch to a flexible monthly scheme where I was given full coverage up to a period of 24 months.

I now find furnace Mississauga a more convenient option owing to the availability of the high-efficiency gas furnace in the deal.


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